Alexander Duffy, Director of Corporate Finance, Menzies LLP


Alexander Duffy, Director of Corporate Finance at Menzies joined the team in 2018. Prior to his appointment, he held management positions at RBS and RSM UK, founded Gold Lion Consulting and was Associate Director at Waypoint Partners .

“I was drawn to Menzies because he truly believes in the Brighter Thinking mantra: improving results and helping SMEs succeed, no matter what challenges they face. ”

With a wide range of banking and financial services already under his belt before his arrival, Duffy sees him bringing a relatively new approach to his role.

“I have extensive experience in finance in both the ‘growth curve’ and the ‘decline curve’. Early on, a business is looking for seed funding, then Series A and B to grow. At the height of the business growth, when it is overrun by market competition, if it does nothing to perpetuate that growth, it begins to decline.

The results of this failure to maintain momentum can be disastrous, ranging from declining sales, internal restructuring, business takeovers or even insolvency. Duffy knows the fundamentals at either end of a company’s potential trajectory or “bell curve” and can provide the advice needed to maintain a stable position.

“Maintaining momentum, even in difficult times, is essential. However, it is a mistake to continue operating as if nothing has changed. In the past, tech companies have struggled to compete with those in other major industries, such as real estate, retail, or travel. But the pandemic has reversed that relationship as physical spaces have lost value while digital markets such as Data as a Service (DaaS), video streaming services, and e-commerce platforms have seen market demand rise. arrow.

“Digital tech companies aren’t limited by the physical – an attribute that has become all the more beneficial during the pandemic and in the aftermath of Brexit. These businesses tend not to be exposed to borders or physical trade tariffs; Software as a Service (SaaS) does not work across borders per se, so integrating into these relatively Covid and ‘Brexit proof’ industries is critical.

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