Baker Tilly Canada Launches Corporate Finance Group


Baker Tilly Canada has launched a national line of corporate finance services – formed from Vancouver-based Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions.

Although Renaissance changes its name to “Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance”, the firm will remain an independent member firm of the Baker Tilly Canada cooperative and will retain complete autonomy in its day-to-day and long-term management.

“Again, to clarify, the buy-side and sell-side transaction services our customers trust and the staff they engage with will not change. We will simply be able to provide our nationwide transaction expertise and now offer additional services to those interested (such as accounting or tax assistance, etc.) through our network connections, ”Mike wrote. McIsaac, Managing Partner of Renaissance, on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Founded in 2013 by McIsaac, Renaissance focuses on supporting small and mid-size clients ($ 5- $ 50 million in annual revenue) with transaction advisory services. The firm’s nine-person team provide sales-side advice (internal due diligence, evaluation, marketing, deal negotiation and structuring, documentation and close) and buy-side advice (research, due diligence, valuation, letter of intent, negotiation and structuring of the transaction, documentation & closing).

The company’s previous engagements include sales advice on the sale of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Loki Management Systems and Postmark Brewery.

McIsaac has over 25 years of experience in transactional advice and accounting. A Chartered Professional Accountant, McIsaac previously worked at BDO and Walsh King Chartered Accountants. He is also an entrepreneur, having previously owned a gymnasium in the Vancouver area and a specialized construction company.

“Our highly experienced and dedicated team is focused on a segment of the market that typically does not receive the attention of global advisory networks or business brokers,” said McIsaac.

Collins Barrow Accounting and Consulting Co-operative was renamed Baker Tilly Canada in early 2019. The 20 constituent companies of the network have retained their independent ownership and management under the new branding.

The national network is also part of Baker Tilly International, which has 34,700 people in 145 territories.

“Baker Tilly Canada’s corporate finance team is a perfect fit for our network,” said Grant Galbraith, National President, Baker Tilly Canada. “The entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of this group to providing exceptional service is in keeping with the approach not only of our Canadian association, but also of our global network, Baker Tilly International.”


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