Corporate Finance Strategic Portfolio 2021


It will be interesting to see how Hungarian businesses can help the country’s economy recover after the coronavirus pandemic. Domestic companies that have learned the main lessons from the crisis are turning to more crisis-resilient operations, establishing the right financing structures and ensuring they have well-founded business plans and development capacities, benefit now have a competitive advantage over their competitors and may find it easier to manage acquisitions, consolidation processes, investments and capital financing.

At the joint Portfolio and Hiventures conference, interested business owners can experience the benefits of equity financing by using real case studies from Hungary to present the equity fund manager’s programs, which go beyond beyond resolving short-term funding or liquidity issues resulting from the crisis.

Hiventures plans for the long term and focuses on the challenges most likely to determine the future of Hungarian businesses. It offers concrete assistance for acquisition, non-family succession, market consolidation, financing of investments, expansion abroad or even reorganization. We will also feature domestic businesses where succession within the family is not possible for some reason, but an outside player sees the potential and comes forward as a buyer. During professional presentations and discussions, we will not only talk about numbers, business and building a business, but also the people and human factors behind businesses and processes, as success can often depend on it. The speakers invited to our conference have played an active role in several transactions of this type, and their know-how has been shown to help the continued smooth functioning of the companies concerned, which is in the fundamental interest of all stakeholders in the field. long-term market.

The event will be complemented by a thematic workshop where experts will share their knowledge with participants in an interactive way. Our goal is to grow together. Join us!


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