PA House votes to cut corporate taxes, while Governor Wolf pleads with lawmakers to approve $2,000 payments to residents | Kristen Walter


Pennsylvania lawmakers are actively take measures to reduce corporate taxes. Meanwhile, Governor Wolf was pleading with the legislature for months to “stop sitting on federal relief funds” that could be sent to Pennsylvania citizens who need financial help now.

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In a recent news story, we discussed a proposal by Governor Wolf to send $2,000 in direct payments to Pennsylvania households earning $80,000 a year or less.

Funds are currently available through the White House US Bailout Act. However, if state legislators fail to use or distribute the funds, they will eventually be returned to the federal government and inevitably used for other purposes.

The governor wants to put that money into the hands of people who are struggling financially due to rising food, fuel and housing costs. However, he also recognizes that many families are struggling due to the residual effects of the global health crisis.

But Governor Wolf repeatedly chided the Legislature for “sitting on the money.”

In a Tweeter released earlier today, the Governor said:

We have $2 billion in unspent federal relief funds just waiting to be distributed to Pennsylvanians. People need help now. But the Republicans refuse to act.

Meanwhile, the Republican-majority State House comes past a corporate tax cut that will cost the Commonwealth $128 million this year and cut state revenue by more than $400 million a year in the future.

The corporate tax cuts aim to “reward growthand promote the expansion of businesses and jobs throughout the state.

While there is no doubt that reduce corporate tax rates can help improve the economy in the long run, many Pennsylvanians wonder why state lawmakers are “dragging their feet” when it comes to providing financial relief to individual taxpayers.

Do you agree with PA lawmakers approving Governor Wolf’s proposal to send $2,000 direct payments to individuals?

Or do you think these funds should be returned to the federal government?

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