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Company overview

We are entrepreneurs, just like you!

We started this business in June 2018 – the first new corporate finance company in the region for over 15 years – we are not afraid to be different and take the brave and bold business option

We are really proud of what we do because your result really matters to us

Bespoke service partner led and partner managed – we bring a wealth of deep and extensive experience complemented by a rare experience of being an entrepreneur – not only in building this business, but with previous roles being “of your side of the table” – we know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur and the challenges that every entrepreneur faces

We do the right thing the right way all the time – exceptionally well


we know what we do well – working with private companies


over 40 years of combined experience – we know how to close deals

Involvement of seniors

we believe that each transaction deserves senior and experienced involvement in order to obtain the best possible result


delivering exceptional results


we too are business owners and entrepreneurs – we feel what you feel


we are specialists and experts and can focus only on you

Small number of projects

not a high volume operation – you will be important to us

International reach

we know how to identify and access buyers from all over the world


we can work in full or narrow scope roles and with flexible, performance-based fee structures

Driven and motivated

your transaction is important to you and to us


we will tell you as it is

attitude and culture

unique blend of experience with enthusiasm and energy


  • Acquisitions
  • Takeovers (MBO/ MBI/ BIMBO)

Company statement

We collaborate with business owners, management teams and investors

We help you deliver the best possible outcome from any business transaction. You will benefit from a personalized and tailor-made service, animated and facilitated by partners with significant and directly relevant experience. You are assured that we recognize that this is a very important transaction for you and therefore we are not high volume advisors, we will take your mission very seriously and are a true boutique operation – we will adopt your priorities as ours

We will be flexible and tailor our services to your needs, ranging from a role of ‘front-line’ senior advisor to providing ‘behind-the-scenes’ support – we will do whatever we need to do to achieve our key objectives. from:

  • Offer the best possible offer
  • Minimize business disruption throughout the process
  • Minimize damage to the business in the event of a failed transaction

Company sales

Selling your business is often the most important financial transaction of your life. You will only dispose of your business once and have only one chance to get it right

  • We are experts in corporate sales of private and family owned businesses typically valued between £5m and £100m. We recognize that we are in a privileged and responsible position, which is why we take a bespoke approach to ensure business owners get the best deal possible (price, payment on completion, deal structure , etc.) with the minimum of disruption or damage in a timely manner – we do this by running a robust and efficient process that generates competitive tension and preserves confidentiality
  • We have a proven track record in corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), particularly in selling to UK companies and financial institutions or more often to overseas buyers, which we identify through our extensive international M&A relationships and cross-border.

Management Buy Out (MBO)

Management teams are only likely to have the opportunity to own the company they run once or twice in their career – therefore the opportunity should be fully explored

  • In most cases, the management team will not have the funds to acquire the business and therefore will need the support of banks, private equity or the seller, which can make transactions complex with multiple parties. involved.
  • If private equity is required, we know the private equity market and can guarantee you and the seller the optimal deal. We can help management teams every step of the way, from initial feasibility study, to deal negotiation and fundraising, to managing the project throughout the process.

Development capital / private equity

Successful businesses often need an injection of fresh capital

Most successful companies will at some point need new capital to continue to grow and exploit opportunities and in part to facilitate realization for minority or exiting shareholders.

There is a myriad of ever-changing financing options and we will work closely with you to ensure you get the right form of financing in the fastest and most cost effective way.

We will consider all options, from high net worth individuals and family offices to private equity and venture capital or any other source of funding.

Management consulting roles

Any private equity deal will put the management team under significant pressure and it is important that they have high level independent advice

This is not just about addressing issues such as assessing the terms offered, but also acting as a sounding board on all issues impacting management and ensuring your voice is heard . In short, we represent the interests of management in a balanced and constructive manner to ensure the right commercial and cultural agreement and that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

We would work with all parties to achieve this goal which will typically involve financial modeling and working closely with legal and tax advisors.

Acquiring businesses

Take your business to the next level

Organic growth is tough and won’t get you far, but business acquisitions can add material value and dramatically accelerate your business growth – the key is to make the right acquisition on the right terms, backed by a strategic rationale clear and a well-defined integration plan.

We are specialists in helping you achieve these goals by identifying, unlocking, negotiating and structuring an acquisition supported by business planning and fundraising.

Early strategic planning, execution and integration is key

Strategic advice and preparation

All business transactions require early strategic advice

It’s never too early to seek independent advice, if only as an informal sounding board at first

As a business owner, you may often find it difficult to step back and work on your business rather than it – they rarely take the opportunity to review the strategic direction their business is taking – we can certainly relate to this issue, so we have the experience to partner with you to help your business and employees achieve your goals


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