Transaction Spotlight: James Cowper Kreston’s Corporate Finance Team Provides Transaction Support to Queen’s Park Equity’s Learndirect in Its Acquisition of SmileWisdom | Blogs


Continuing its theme of advising SMEs in series of privately funded acquisitions, James Cowper Kreston’s corporate finance team recently provided transactional assistance to leading online training provider learndirect in its acquisition. by SmileWisdom. The successful integration allows learndirect to strengthen its dental portfolio, making it one of the UK’s largest providers of dental education.

In addition to its existing dental faculty, learndirect will now deliver the NEBN Dental Nurse Diploma, 10 Extended Function / DPC courses, 5 NEBDN postgraduate courses and 12 enhanced e-CPD courses. In addition to their e-learning solutions, learndirect will add in-person training to the program, an important part of the SmileWisdom training.

Mike Beckett, CFO of learndirect, said: “We were delighted to be working with Brad, Nikul and the JCK team on another successful complementary acquisition. The detailed report and analysis provided great comfort and insight to our management team. We look forward to working with the team on our next opportunity.

learndirect is one of the leading providers of online learning focused on adult education in teaching and education, healthcare and nursing. Establishing a firm foothold in one of Queen’s Park Equity’s key areas of focus, learndirect provides a solid platform from which to consolidate the fragmented adult learning market and take advantage of the learning trend. line. SmileWisdom is learndirect’s third acquisition after that of Animal Courses Direct (ACD) and i-to-i (TATG Ltd), two specialist training providers operating in the animal welfare and animal education sectors, respectively. English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

For James Cowper Kreston, this was a new opportunity to support a leading group in an industry strengthened by the outbreak of COVID-19. Previously, they had advised facilities management provider Ecoserv on their third acquisition as they sought to create a multi-disciplinary facilities management company.


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