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Sustainable Brands ® (SB) and SOCAP Global (SOCAP) today jointly announce the formation of a partnership to bring Integrate 2020 to market, the evolution of SB’s New Metrics conference, now in its 8th year.


The vision of this virtual conference is to approach the transition to a balanced approach of the stakeholders of shareholder practice over the past fifty years, and the actors who lead it. At the heart of this conversation is CFOs and the entire professional services industry. Integrate 2020 is centered on CFOs and sustainability managers and on transforming the role of finance and investment decisions within organizations, through the integrated lens of investment and environmental, social and social innovation. governance (ESG).

Integrating 2020 will provide rich and actionable content for finance and sustainability executives, with over 80 speakers who currently include (planned), Hervé Duteil, Director of Sustainability at BNP Paribas; Claus Aagaard, Chief Financial Officer of Mars Incorporated; Michelle Edkins, Managing Director and Global Head of Black rockthe stewardship team; Christian Heller, vice-president of BASF and CEO of Value balancing alliance; Evan Harvey, Global Head of Sustainability at Nasdaq and Matthew Patsky, CEO Trillium Asset Management. Focused on innovation and ESG integration, Integrate 2020 sessions will include value creation and enterprise risk management, definition of next-generation scientific goals, quantification of intangible value and drivers. of risk, multi-capital development, evaluation of objectives and measures, integrated reporting, integrated business systems, decision-making systems, impact investing and investor relations.

“The world is facing profound challenges related to ESG: climate change, depletion of natural resources, destabilizing social inequalities and insufficient governance. The socio-economic implications of these issues are serious for the people, their communities, and the businesses that engage with them. Companies are uniquely qualified to solve these problems through co-creative innovation and multi-stakeholder engagement, ”said Scott Broomfield, President and CFO of Sustainable Brands. “We see the ‘office of the CFO’ as critical to effecting this change through new perspectives in enterprise risk management and mitigation, internal multi-stakeholder decision-making systems and integrated external reporting. Essentially, a new, comprehensive and unified governance model, for which the CFO takes center stage and will be ultimately responsible. “

“We are delighted to be partnering with SB to bring regenerative finance to the next generation of finance and sustainability executives,” said Kate Byrne, president of SOCAP Global. “Our mission is to be a catalyst to codify these new approaches and to equip CFOs on the best way to operate in these new conditions.

INTEGRATE 2020 will include tracks and sessions on: integrated assessment of known and submerged risks, social impacts and opportunities (the holistic conceptual view) integrated accounting, finance and decision-making through an ESG perspective (the practical internal view) Investor relations (The practical external view). These sessions will also provide executive education and professional development credits – CE for Wealth Advisors and CLE for Lawyers and CPE for CPAs, will be available through the Director of the Center for Professional Accounting Practices in accordance with the NASBA

Sponsors so far for Integrate 2020 include BARREUR, EY, and Metro. The collaborators understand A4S, AICPA, SASB, and the Value Balance Alliance and affiliate partners include Coalition of Capitals, Pyxera Global, and the G&A Institute.

About SOCAP Global:
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About sustainable brands:
Sustainable Brands is the world’s premier community of brand leaders and innovators shaping the next regenerative economy. Since 2006, our goal has been to inspire, engage and equip business leaders and practitioners who see ESG (environmental, social and governance) innovation as the essential driver of brand growth, value creation and positive impact as a force for good. . Follow SB on Twitter and on LinkedIn


Kate Byrne, SOCAP Global

Joy Pettirossi-Poland, Sustainable Brands


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