What You Should Understand About Afterpay


Financing options such as buy-now, pay-later enable buyers to make purchases and pay them off over time. Afterpay, which will be bought for $29 billion by fintech behemoth Square (NYSE:SQ), is an Australian startup that provides interest-free loans. 1 The platform, which began operations in 2015, currently serves consumers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. Additionally, it is offered in the UK, France, and Spain under the name Clearpay. 2 (Note: Afterpay should not be confused with AfterPay, a Swedish firm that gives buyers throughout Europe alternative payment choices.) How it works is as follows. 3 IMPORTANT TAKEAWAYS

Afterpay is a startup that provides qualified consumers with short-term financing solutions at partner merchants.

Afterpay enables consumers to buy online or in-store and pay for their products in six-week payments. You can fund your home improvement project at OakParkFinancial.

Afterpay does not charge interest, but it may levy late penalties on buyers who do not make their payments on time.

What Is Afterpay and How Does It Work?

Afterpay enables qualified customers to purchase now and pay later with no interest, no credit checks, and no fees as long as they make their payments on schedule. Through the Afterpay app, the service is offered at thousands of merchants worldwide.

When you use Afterpay to make purchases, your payments are divided into four installments. You put a down payment on the purchase and then have six weeks to complete the remaining installments.

Afterpay does not set a minimum purchase requirement. You may, however, be subject to purchase restrictions established by the shop from whom you are purchasing.

To use the service online, choose Afterpay as your payment option during the checkout process. You may quickly establish an Afterpay account and finish the checkout process by making your first payment.

Following your purchase, the vendor will mail the products to you.

To use Afterpay at physical shops, download the Afterpay app and establish an account. Then, on the app, hit the “Card” tab. This enables you to generate a digital Afterpay card that may be used in conjunction with Apple Pay or Google Pay. You may then complete your purchase using any mobile wallet app.

After making a purchase, you may go into the Afterpay app to check when and how much your next payment is due.

Afterpay may be paid using a debit or credit card, either manually via the Afterpay app or automatically through the Afterpay app.

Afterpay does not charge interest on purchases, but may impose a fee if you make a late payment. For consumers in the United States, the late charge is limited to 25% of the order total. There are no prepayment penalties or fees associated with early repayment of an Afterpay loan. 8

Frequently Asked Questions About Afterpay

Here are some other frequently asked questions regarding how Afterpay works.

Can Afterpay Be Used to Pay Bills?

Afterpay is intended to be used only for online and in-store purchases. Thus, although it may be used to make purchases, it cannot be used to pay bills.

Is a Credit Limit in Place?

Afterpay utilizes customizable spending limitations that are unique to each consumer and transaction. The spending limit initially begins at roughly $500 but may expand if you utilize the program to make purchases and pay them off. 9

Afterpay considers a number of parameters when approving loans for purchases, including the following:

How long have you been using Afterpay?

Whether or whether you have the cash necessary to make the first payment

The amount of the order that you want to put

The amount you must repay

The number of open orders you presently have

Does Afterpay Conduct Credit Checks?

In contrast to some other buy-now, pay-later businesses, Afterpay does not conduct credit checks on applicants for financing. This covers both hard and soft credit draws. As a result, signing up for Afterpay or taking out one of its loans will have no effect on your credit score. 10

Does Afterpay Inform Credit Bureaus of Activity?

Normally, if you miss a payment on a buy-now, pay-later contract, the credit agencies will list it as a negative. Afterpay, on the other hand, claims it never discloses late payments, which means you won’t see a damage to your credit score if you miss a payment. 10

That being stated, you will be unable to make any new Afterpay purchases until your payments are current. Additionally, Once your past-due account is brought current, Afterpay may lower your future spending limitations. 11

Is Afterpay a Secure Payment Method?

Afterpay claims to use the industry’s greatest degree of security. It is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant Service Provider Organization at the Level 1 certification level. It should be safe to use in that sense. 12

Which Merchants Accept Afterpay?

Afterpay partners with a number of leading merchants in the United States. The whole list is available on the Afterpay U.S. website, however here are a few examples:

  • Adidas
  • Eagle of the United States
  • Beyond Bedding & Bath
  • Dillard’s
  • Infinite 21
  • Gap
  • 13 Ulta Beauty

How Are Returns Processed?

If you want to return an item bought using Afterpay, you must first contact the seller to see how the business handles returns and refunds. If you return a purchase and the merchant refunds you in full, Afterpay will cancel any outstanding payments and reimburse any already made payments. Afterpay will modify your remaining payments to reflect the amount reimbursed by the merchant in the event of a partial refund.


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